Who I Am

I’m just a twenty-something living the adventure Jesus has in store for me one day at a time. I just want to let God use my ordinary life to do extraordinary things for His glory. I wasted a lot of my life on meaningless garbage;so, I’ve been spending the past 7 years finding the worth and purpose it had been missing.  Professionally, I find myself mostly in administrative jobs. I’ve worked in the reservations department at a camp and conference center, as a youth pastor, real estate agent, and an admin at a pediatric therapy center.


I am not a fan of cold weather. If that picture doesn’t explain it, I don’t know what will. I’ve always lived in the north; so, I’ve always had to deal with winter. During those months, I sit curled up in a thousand blankets and wait for summer. I love being at the beach and kayaking. I also wear flip flops 85% of the  year, and snow doesn’t work well with that.


I love baseball season, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the excitement of being at a game in person.  I live in a college football paradox of cheering for Penn State and the Buckeyes, but I still don’t give a darn about the whole state of Michigan.I’d rather watch my little cousins play football than the pros. I do get a little obsessed with curling when the winter Olympics come.

I’m a rock star when it comes to singing in my car or the shower. I’ve always loved the theater, Broadway, and musicals in general. I’d spend all of my money on concerts if I didn’t have to be a functioning responsible human.


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