Who I Am

I’m just a twenty-something living the adventure Jesus has in store for me one day at a time. I want each day to be more about helping people encounter Jesus and less about me. I spend most of my time with teenagers and college students, which is probably why I don’t see myself as a “real” adult. I want to challenge what others think they know about faith and our culture in order to bring God’s truth and light into dark situations.


I am not a fan of cold weather. If that picture doesn’t explain it, I don’t know what will. I’ve always lived in the north; so, I’ve always had to deal with winter. During those months, I sit curled up in a thousand blankets and wait for warm weather. If you’ve ever seen my room, you know I have a ton of blankets! I more or less collect them. I love being at the beach. I always tell myself I’m going to move to the beach. It just hasn’t happened yet.  I also wear flip flops 85% of the  year, and snow doesn’t work well with that.


I love baseball season, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the excitement of being at a game in person.  I live in a college football paradox of cheering for Penn State and the Buckeyes, but I still don’t give a darn about the whole state of Michigan.I’d rather watch my little cousins play football than the pros. I do get a little obsessed with curling when the winter Olympics are on.

I love caramel and peanut butter, and both should be eaten with chocolate.  I’m a rock star when it comes to singing in my car or the shower. I’ve always loved the theater, Broadway, and musicals in general.


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