Summer Fun List & Getting Back On Board[19/52]

Ahem. I clearly have fallen behind on blogging and every other resolution I may back in January…except one. I’ve still washed my makeup off before going to bed every single day. Time to get back to it!

If you know me, you know I love lists. Yesterday was the first day of summer. Few things make me as happy as summer officially being here. Last summer was full of working crazy hours and a whole lot of youth ministry. This is the first summer in a long time that I have this level of freedom in my schedule.  I am so excited to have a typical summer. Here’s my to do list for Summer 2017

  1. Go to fireworks for 4th of July. My birthday is the weekend before 4th of July. This means I get to see fireworks ON MY BIRTHDAY!
  2. Tie-dye. I haven’t done it in years, and everyone loves a good day of tie dying.
  3. Go to the beach. Another thing I haven’t done in years. This is a mandatory thing. I love the beach, and it is a crime and an injustice that I haven’t been there since 2013.
  4. Go to Knoebels. If you’re not from PA, you have no idea what this is. It’s an old fashioned amusement park. It’s free to just go and walk around and they just charge per ride. It is so much better for groups of people. Plus, they have an awesome variety of rides and delicious food.
  5. Do something I’ve never done. I’m a create of habit. Routine is just who I am. So, I want to do one brand new thing this summer.
  6. Go to an epic concert. Tickets AND meet and greet passed already purchased. One of my favorite bands of all time- The Rocket Summer is doing a 10 year anniversary tour of my favorite album!
  7. See a movie at the drive in. For living 20 minutes away from the drive in, I don’t go nearly as often as I should. The one closest to us has awesome theme weekends and older movies. I’m all bout the blast from the past.
  8. Go kayaking.  I first went kayaking when I was a camp counselor. I’ve loved it ever since. I ALMOST purchased my own kayak, but then my jeep broke down. We all know my neon is NOT hauling a kayak anywhere.
  9. Have as many bonfires (And by “bonfires” I mean excuse for s’mores) as possible. Nothing says summer like the summer of your clothes after being at a campfire. I also just really like roasting marshmallows.
  10. Go to a professional baseball game. We have tickets for the Phillies in July for my mom’s birthday. There’s also plenty of opportunity to go to minor league games.
  11. Get another tattoo. You’re supposed to keep tattoos  out of the sun; so, this may be an end of summer adventure. I have approximately 34,932 tattoos planned. I have time to prioritize them.
  12. Get a tan. Life of a pale girl I want to look like its summer. I want to get out of my office and into the sun.
  13. Swim as much as possible. I still harbor some resentment for my parent’s tearing down our pool around the time I got into middle school. Most of the time “swimming” translates to standing around in the pool socializing. I’m okay with that.
  14. Go to the local carnival/fair.  I have a giant container of coins that I save for carnival/fair season. I know the games are expensive and the prizes are junk. However, it’s fun and fair food is amazing. Funnel cake season is upon us, folks.
  15. Hike to the top of the trail at camp. I don’t love hiking. I would like it if someone could guarantee I wouldn’t encounter snakes or bears. I’ve helped clean the trains before,but I don’t think I’ve ever gone to the very top of the mountain. This summer, that changes!
  16. Take more photos. I used to be the girl who took too many photos. Now, I am the person who never takes photos. I need to find the healthy balance between “I miss really awesome moments because I was too busy taking photos of them” and “I really wish I had a picture with this person/of this moment.”

That’s my summer in a nutshell. Stay tuned as I get back on track from my hiatus from goals and plans.



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