Lessons I’m Learning…Slowly.14/52

I fell off the wagon a bit. My New Years Resolutions have mostly gone out the window. As I wrote that last sentence, I realized that I need to wash the makeup off of my face before I kill that commitment, too…Anyway. I’ve taken a hiatus from those things the past month or so as I dealt with some life transitions and health situations.  Through the past few months, I’ve been using pinterest as my primary coping skill for describing my feelings. Because my brain is not in a place to get back to full content mode, welcome to life lessons through pinterest graphics.

  1. Don’t compromise who God ha4s made you to be because it causes someone else to be insecure. Compromising the person God has created us to be is wrong for any reason. When we allow ourselves
    to operate as less than that person, we aren’t the only one who suffers. The people God has specifically placed in our lives suffer along with us. When we allow fear of people or their opinions to dictate how we act, we need a realignment.  I’ve spent a lot of time holding back and not giving 100% because I was afraid of how others would respond. I cared way too much about their approval and what their responses would be. If I am being obedient to God, and that bothers someone, the issue is on them.  Holding back in order to please others isn’t helping anyone, and it certainly isn’t bringing Glory to God.

2. 2 Life would be so easy if we automatically knew exactly what steps to take in order to get precisely where God wants us to be. Sometimes, we try so hard to make something work, when it is simply not meant for us. People do it all the time. We delay ending that relationship we know is going nowhere. We stay at the dead end job, and we do our best to force it to work. It eats us alive, and we allow bitterness and resentment to take root and grow. We judge and look down on people when they quit. Although there are absolutely wrong reasons to quit, there are also valid reasons. The truth is relationships, jobs, activities are often just seasons in our lives. They are not meant to be for our whole lives. When we leave for the right reasons, we need to not condemn ourselves. There is power in knowing the right times to go and the right times to sty. I’m learning to judge myself less and embrace closed doors.

3. Along with that, staying in those dead end situations have one simple result: we feel as dead as the rut we’re stuck in. A wise former group leader always said “ruts are just coffins with the ends kicked out.” We get stuck in the pit of our situation, the status quo that sucks the life right out of us. Once we get the strength to walk away, we start to remember what it’s like to feel alive. John 10:10 talks about this abundant life Jesus offers us. To be honest, this is the first I’ve seen glimpses of it in a long time. When we choose to put down the weight we’ve been carrying for so long, we start to taste that abundant life again. As I’ve been letting go of things no longer meant for me, I’ve been able to pick up some things I used to love but lost along the way. We all have those little things that are really big things for us. For me, it’s reading on the lawn in the sun and doing ministry assessments and evaluations. I never said I was cool.

54. This quote has stared me down a number of times since January. We know when we’re going against our calling. At the core of who we are, there are just some things we know. When we choose to throw those things away, or even just put them on a shelf for too long, we run the risk of never going back to them. As much as Jan from the Office was a TRAIN WRECK, there’s one thing that she says to Pam that has always stuck with me. “There are always a million reasons not to do something.” I don’t want to look back in 20 years and remember all of the times I had an opportunity to pursue the things that truly bring me joy…but I turned them down with a mountain of logical and responsible sounding reasons.

5. This one became far more instrumental than I ever thought it would. I pinned a 1shorter version of this ages ago. A few weeks ago, a pastor friend used this in one of her messages. Her words that day were the culmination of so many battles going on in my heart at the time. I have spent so much time controlled by fear. “What if” statements attacking the Truths God has spoken to me, lack of support from others, and the spiritual paralysis these things cause. For awhile, God has been saying “fly” and all I had done was verbalize my fear of falling as if it was a definitive statement. God, if I try, I will fall. And through that message, the truth that only God brings snapped me out of the lies. God didn’t propose the question. He reminded me of the promise. You will fly. When God calls us to do something, He will see it to completion. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but He is always faithful. I had to come to the realization that there is only one way for me to find out if I will fall or fly. That meant trying. I don’t know what’s keeping your feet from leaving the ground. What I do know is that falling, even painfully, is better than never trying at all. So, welcome to my journey of stepping out and learning to fly, unhindered by fear.



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