Day 2: Food & Fitness Challenge 18/52

Day 2 of the Food Challenge is in the books! Breakfast was greek yogurt with cinnamon and berries. I still don’t love the taste of thebb yogurt; so, I played “how much cinnamon can I put in this before it turns into the cinnamon challenge?” Lunch was veggies and hummus. I also had turkey because I hate hard boiled eggs. Lunch was more veggies. Dinner tonight was Mediterranean turkey burgers. Basically, it was turkey, spinach, and onions with a greek yogurt dill sauce. It was fantastic! One of the benefits to cooking for one is that I have tons of leftovers! It forces me to measure out portions, but it’s so worth it.

Workout today was yoga. It was nice to slow it down a bit because I was SORE from cardio the day before. Yoga made me feel much better at the fitness side of this journey than cardio did. Afterwards, shake #2. I decided to go with my strongest option- nonvegan chocolate. I  used almond milk, a banana, and peanut butter for this one. This time, I shook the powder with the liquid before blending. I took a deep breath and hoped for the best. This shake was AWESOME! It wasn’t grainy at all, and it tasted fantastic. It tasted like real chocolate, and I felt like I was getting away with something. It cured that chocolate craving. I popped it in the freezer for about 5 minutes, and it was perfect. It definitely redeemed my hope for shakeology. I have no reason to lie to you. I wouldn’t pretend to like it. I get paid nothing for saying I like it. It was worth it. I could see myself drinking it long term.Tomorrow, I choose between regular vanilla and vegan chocolate.

Day 3 is a new workout and the food from Monday. We’ll see how it goes!



Day 1: Fitness Challenge 17/52

As promised, here is my recap of day 1 of 5 in my Beach Body Adventure:

Monday at work, I didn’t eat much in the morning in fear of being starving later. I just equated meal planning with beindg hungry. That was NOT the case. Breakfast was two eggs, lunch was the epic quinoa turkey burrito bowl. It tasted fantastic and was super filling. It’s also very photogenic! I also had veggies and dip(made with greek yogurt and dill). I’m not a lover of greek yogurt, but it’s growing on me. I also got hummus as a substitute for cheese from dinner; so, I was happy.  After work, I had a 30 minute cardio workout. It was super convenient because they have them all online on demand. No dvds to lose, and you could easily put it on your tv instead of the laptop. I liked the cardio video I did. The instructor was clear at explaining each movement, and he was making jokes to the other demonstrators; so, you’re laughing while you work. It was challenging without being impossible.

After you’re finished your workout, you get your shakeology for the day. I started with Vegan Vanilla with coconut water and mixed berries.   It was absolutely terrible. I’m not even going to lie to you. It was awful. My mom and I tried adding almond milk to it, but that made it worse. So, I threw it in the freezer in hopes that’d help. It didn’t. It was super grainy, and the ninja did little to mix it better. I’m hoping to doctor it up and salvage it for another day. Dinner was spaghetti squash. I’m not going to lie, it intimidated me. I was afraid of the texture and the initial taste. HOWEVER, this will be one of my new favorite foods. I also will keep this sauce recipe forever. I didn’t even mind that it was turkey instead of beef. I also added a good amount of basil, but that’s just who I am as a person. I loved that one squash made enough for 5 whole portions. So, it was once and done for the week.  Again, fancy food photos! b

On to day 2!

A Short Term Adventure: With Food&Fitness 16/52

If you know me, you know I’m always up for an adventure. What started as a simple Facebook contest has landed me a new 5 day adventure with Beach Body. My friend, Kandalyn, is a coach, and when she offered me a 5 day challenge, I really couldn’t find a good excuse to say no. 5 days can’t kill me, right? So, what you all get is a 5 day honest(and maybe a little too honest) review of the Beach Body program.

Starting tomorrow, I have some low key work outs do to, and a meal plan I’m kind of excited to eat through. The part I am not so excited for is their Shakeology. I’ve never liked the idea of throwing some mystery powder into my drink for the sake of health/weight loss. I’ve also had some texture nightmares with those kind of supplements in the past.

Here’s what I expect:
1. To lose a pound or two. Because I’m planning meals and being specific about what I eat, I expect to see a small loss on the scale.
2. To absolutely hate these shakes. (I’m not kidding when I say I’m dreading them.) 
3. To be hungry and cheat a little bit. Most likely in the late evenings.
4. To end up thinking it’s a nice idea, but it isn’t worth the calculated effort.

Here’s to the next 5 days.


The Christian Atheist: 15/52

Sometimes,  you don’t find a book. The book finds you. That’s absolutely the case for my February read. I was at a Goodwill, and the book was a dollar. I saw the title, thought it was interesting; so, I bought it. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with the author or the book itself. It was a DOLLAR. It was a justified purchase. After reading the book, dollar well spent.

Christian Atheist is an odd term for most people. Normally, these are contradicting titles. However Craig Groeschel’s book The Christian Atheist loosely framed by Titus 1:16 quickly confronted readers with their inconsistency.  Simply put by one of the people Craig encountered, a Christian Atheist is someone who would say ” I know my life doesn’t look like a Christian’s should but I do believe in God.” Christian Atheists are people who believe but they fail to turn those beliefs into outward change. “We are created to be living examples of God’s love to a hurting world. We believe in God but our lives don’t  reflect who He really is.”
blog quotes.png

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Lessons I’m Learning…Slowly.14/52

I fell off the wagon a bit. My New Years Resolutions have mostly gone out the window. As I wrote that last sentence, I realized that I need to wash the makeup off of my face before I kill that commitment, too…Anyway. I’ve taken a hiatus from those things the past month or so as I dealt with some life transitions and health situations.  Through the past few months, I’ve been using pinterest as my primary coping skill for describing my feelings. Because my brain is not in a place to get back to full content mode, welcome to life lessons through pinterest graphics.

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