“Learn To Rest” ..And Other Advice I Ignore 12/52

Welcome to confession time. I’d like to say I’m pretty good at giving advice. I am not, however, always good at taking it. This week I’ve had some forced lessons in some of those hard to follow directions.

1.REST: I’m really bad at resting. I always have some kind of noble reason not to. There’s always work to be done. Between 18 inches of snow(ew) and being sick all week, I have had no choice but to rest. My body and brain have obviously needed it. It took a trip to the ER on Friday night to finally give in. This was only after spending the day out with friends and prepping to go to an all day conference. Yeah, my version of resting is going to a youth ministry conference.

2. Taking a break: These things go hand in hand. If I’m working on something, I am not the “let’s put a pin in this and come back later.” I am the we’re going to finish this and it will be the best it can possibly be type of girl. If I’m going to start something, I want to finish it. I’m starting to learn that sometimes, the project isn’t yours to finish, and that’s okay. 

So, because of these two things. You’ll see I’ll be ALLOWING MYSELF to get behind on where I wanted to be with blogging, book reading, and other tasks. Rest is more important than a self-made to do list.

3. Journal: Yes, I know my goal was to journal daily. I’m ridiculous and way to optimistic. I don’t know who I was trying to kid with that one.

4. Turn your phone off once in awhile: When I was a real estate agent, this was practically impossible. Old habits die hard. I still have this paranoia that some outrageous emergency will occur if I have my phone off too.long.  From taking some strong medicine, I haven’t even heard my phone most of these past 2 days. It’s a beautiful thing.


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