Adventure Is Out There: February Update 11/52

So, back in January, I decided to be delusional ambitious and make a lofty list of New Year’s Resolutions. You can read that post here! Here’s where I am at the end of February.

1. I have succeeded in washing my makeup off every day before I go to bed.
2. I have not read something from the Bible every single day.
3. I obviously have not journaled every day.
4. I have had real conversations with at least 3 people every day.

1. I think I missed doing laundry one week.
2. Purging stuff once a week was ambitious.
3. Blogging has gone pretty good! I think I’m still at least 1 week ahead.
4. I haven’t had a full intense with vacuum cleaning of the jeep, but I have definitely been intentional about taking things out of it.

1. I am almost done my second book. I started a Bible study that has a lot of journaling type questions and readings to go along with it- so it kind of counts. Maybe as a 1/2 point?
2. I am on track so far with mail. I need to send it for March. I have some stuff ready to go. I lost my fun sized mailing envelopes though. So the fun stuff has to wait.


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