For the Love Pt 2: Living a Worthy Life 7/52

For the Love  by Jen Hatmaker was my book for January.  You can find my review of the first section here!

The second “big thing” I picked out was living a worthy life. Jen defined it as “restoring people, in ordinary conversations and regular encounters. A worthy life means showing up when showing up is the only thing to do.”

She talked about her supper club and the bond it has strengthened in her group of friends. That it isn’t just about the food(although her recipes in the book sound fantastic) it’s about being deeply invested in other people. This is her group of people where she is permitted to dream, to rest, and to grieve. She reminds us there’s freedom in telling the truth.

I think we can all agree that finding that “worthy” state of living is hard. We forget that our calling doesn’t begin and end with our jobs. Jen reminds us that we’re just born to do stuff. Instead of pursuing that passion, we make a lot of what she calls IPC’s: In Person Choices.

What stuck with me more than anything was how I felt from these sections. They were setting up a call back to that worthy life. For someone who feels far from it most days, this is a lesson I needed. “If you are still breathing, there is still hope.” Even when you feel you can’t go on, you really can. It’s never really over. There are things we have to do, and things that make us come alive. Genuine, disciple-making relationships are what make me come alive. She summed it up well in saying “People crave what they have always craved: to be known and loved, to belong somewhere.” Not only is this what I want to be for people, this is what my soul longs for more than I could ever really put into words.

Living a worthy life is rarely easy, but it is the only thing this life is about. It has eternal significance that we rarely can comprehend. Jen has a powerful perspective on it.

“And as we witness this beautiful community, we aren’t just observing vulnerability but rather chains breaking, darkness receding,  victory rising. We are watching the light win truth by truth, and when enough bright places are created, the dark has nowhere else to hide.”

I want to see the light win, truth by truth. I want to be a part of creating light and taking away hiding spots from the darkness. I want to see chains break, darkness recede, and victory rise in the life of people I love. I want to help others find the version of their life that is “worthy” of pursuing with their whole heart, and I want to drop everything in my life that wastes the valuable time on Earth I have.



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