6/52 Adventure is out there. 1 month in.

Today is the first day in February; so, it sounds like a good time to check in about my New Years Resolutions. Accountability helps.

Out of my 2017 goals, here’s what I’m doing well with:
– Taking off my makeup every day: I have succeeded thus far. I’ve also only worn makeup like 3 times so far. There have been at least two days where I have made decision not to wear makeup because I didn’t want to spend time taking it off later.
-Reading a book a month: I finished For The Love in about 15 days. Then, I hit a lull. I’ve started The Christian Atheist, and I’m excited to dig deeper into that.
-Blogging weekly: I actually did an EXTRA POST in January. I’ve found I do best when I get a few drafts ready to go and schedule them. Except for that time two days ago when my notes published because I forgot about blogging. Whoops.

Here’s what I’m not doing well at all with:
-Journaling: Every day is a lot. I did really well the first ten days. Then, I got sick and winter jam happened. Then, I got lazy.
– Sending mail once a month: I missed January;so, I have 3 ready to go in the mail today.
-Cleaning out my room/purging stuff: I’ve at least cleaned my room and thrown some stuff away, but not hardcore clean out like I wanted. I was probably unrealistic about this one.

Here’s what I’m doing okay with:
-Checking in with 3 teens each day: This has varied between deep convos, harassing them about forms that are due, and gifs. Meme’s are also my love language. It counts. Some days, I’ve fallen short; so, I double up the next day.
-Cleaning my car: It’s been a hit and miss. I’ve been much better about not leaving it get bad multiple weeks in a row. I at least get all of the garbage out of it once a week.

Overall, I’m learning a lot about discipline and grace. Would I have loved to succeed at everything? Of course. However, I spent 3 solid days sleeping from being sick, and other things had to take priority. We’ll see how February goes and where I stand come March. bekks


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