Winter Jam! 4/52

I originally heard of Winter Jam during my first job as a youth pastor. 10 bands for 10 bucks? #YesPlease! It’s always my silver lining to January AKA the middle of winter(which I hate. Yes. Hate.)  Winter Jam usually involves standing in line FOREVER because it is a first come- first serve- fight to the death for those good seats. They at least have an upgraded ticket that has a separate line and early entrance. Although the $10 line last year wasn’t bad, I decided to do the upgraded ticket because- ain’t nobody got time or patience to stand in the cold in the middle of January. It’s just worth it.

I usually end up with teens, but this is the second year in a row, I wasn’t going as an official youth leader. Do I always miss my teens during stuff like this? Of course. HOWEVER, it also means a bit more freedom. I can skip out on a band I’m not really interested in to check out merch. I can also take my time in wandering around/ talking to the random friends you will end up seeing guilt free- no one is waiting on me.

This year was AWESOME! Weather was by far the best I’ve had for Winter Jam.We were third row center- and the people around us were cool. You can easily see us in the photo below!
I had so much fun with our group this year. The speakers were great(Side Note: Sadie Robertson is now one of my favorite people). I really liked every band that was there, which doesn’t always happen for me.  Another perk of good seats is some pretty great photos. Below is Tenth Avenue North finishing their set!I’m also excited to have a phone that finally takes decent pictures!

Also, shout out to everyone who went to work/school on time today. I did, but it was ROUGH. I also ended up with TAN’s newest album & the devo, some stickers, and their trading cards- which I’ll talk about in a later post. Overall, it was awesome night! I am so glad I decided to go even though I wasn’t feeling great. It was SO WORTH IT!



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