Resolutions, Resolutions. A New Challenge

2014 brings a new set of challenges.  Here’s the resolution list for 2014:

1. Read the entire Bible this year. It averages out to 4-5 chapters a day. That’s not bad at all.
2. Be healthier. Yes, this is 95% vague. I’m not putting a specific number on this one. I want to clean up my eating by eating more balanced meals and paying more attention to the food/drinks I consume. I want to drink a lot more water and exercise more frequently. I also want to do at least one 5k this year. I don’t really care what my time is.
3. I want to minimize my material possessions.  I don’t know when, but I somehow became a pack rat. This is not okay. I have a lot of junk I really don’t need, and it’s going to be great to sort out what I really want to keep and what I can let go.
4. Have epic awesome plans for my quarter century celebration! That’s right! Yours truly turns 25 this year. If I’m going to be a real adult, I might as well say goodbye to my childhood with a big bang.
5. I want to be better at keeping in touch with people. This will entail me being better at replying to texts, putting forth more effort to catch up with people. I hope that this includes doing the “Ohio baby tour” as I’m calling it. A bunch of my friends from college have/are having babies, and living out of state has not given me a chance to meet them. I can’t wait. These kids are adorable.