New Years Resolutions: An update

So, in my old blog, I made a list of my resolutions for 2013. Yeah, I definitely forgot to transfer that one to this blog.  I do remember some of them, and for the sake of accountability, I thought it was time for an update.

1. Read a book every month. Thanks to one of my favorite Christmas gifts, my tablet, the nook app & I are bffs. So far, I’ve read 15 books.That averages about two per month so far. I’ve had a good balance of books for learning/growth and some just for fun ones. 

2. Be more conscious about my health/weight.  This one is hard to measure. I didn’t want to attach a number to this goal. I talked about cutting out soda, counting calories, and doing a lot more exercising. Well, I’m drinking a can of Mountain Dew as I type, I’ve sat/been lying around most of the evening reading, and food logs? Aint nobody got time for that. Here’s what I can say: I think more about what I eat. I try to have more fruit/veggies on my plate than anything else. I normally don’t eat a lot of sweets, and I’ve cut down A LOT on soda. That’s progress to me.

3. Significantly decrease my debt. This one is a bit more difficult. Obviously, I can’t do this without money. My goal is to be more responsible with my money. I have a large amount of debt in the form of student loans. Through my own irresponsibility, I’ve also accumulated some credit card debt. By Christmas, I want to have eliminated my credit card debt and have made all of my payments on time for my student loans. As of July 15th, I’m allowing myself two monthly “fun” purchases. One can be music/a new book. The other can be going out to dinner or doing something fun with friends. Other than that, I’m only spending on necessities.

4. I want to actually use this blog. I was doing great at first, but then, I got busy. Story of my life. I’m going to say once a week is a fair way to judge. I also started this blog a bit after new year; so, I’ll have to make up for lost time. That means 52 posts for 2013. I want these posts to actually be useful, not just filling space to get to a number. Let’s see how I do.


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