The Happiest Business Trip on Earth Pt 2

Here’s round two of my advice for the best business trip ever!

1. Bring a clipboard with built in storage. Your local office supply store will have them. Here’s an example from walmart. Mine doesn’t have the separate pencil holder.I love it as an alternative between a simple folder and a three ring binder. I can keep all of my important papers without worrying about them getting destroyed in my bag.

2. Thank you cards: You’ll definitely want to bring a few thank you or even blank cards to write. Everything from the housekeeping staff to friends throughout the week.

3. Do whatever you can before you leave for the trip. One of the things our convention does is let you buy little flowers for people to put on their name tags in exchange for  donation to our foundation. Save yourself time and money by buying those before you leave home!

4. Bring a cup with a lid. At these conferences, they’ll usually have pitchers of water and glasses. What happens when you have to set your glass down while talking to a friend? Your glass joins the other 18 glasses on the table. Save yourself the hassle. Make sure it has a lid to prevent spills. Note: Bringing your own cup doesn’t mean you should ignore the venue’s rules about food/drinks.

5. Bring your own snacks.
If you’re looking to save some cash, and you have the ability to do so, swing by the local grocery store to pick up light snacks like crackers or pretzels. You won’t have to worry about traveling with them or spending tons of money in a vending machine. If you have a fridge in your room, you have more options.

6. Surge Protector/outlet strip
Someone recommended this to me, and I thought it was brilliant. Think about the number of items you’ll need electricity for: cell phone, laptop, hair dryer/other hair tools. Plus, you’ll be rooming with other people. This is brilliant.


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