“We’re still believing for a miracle.”

So, one of my jobs is working in the office of a camp. One of the things I do is process donations that people send in. Many times, these donations come along with letters. I’ve been so blessed by the stories I’ve been able to read. Not only to hear what God is doing in their lives, but by what these letters say about where I work. Some of them are simple hello notes. Others are detailed and heartfelt.  It’s like reading a letter from your closest friends. We get to hear the joy of marriages, births, and family members dedicating their lives to God. We also hear of the physical pain, family struggles, and hurt people experience. What is most powerful to me, is that people trust us as a ministry with the intimate details of their lives.

A few weeks ago, we received a donation with a simple post it note.

“We’re still believing for a miracle for John.”

I don’t know who they were or what was wrong with John, but this woman, his wife, fully believed a miracle was coming. Her boldness was encouraging. She knew her prayers were heard, and that her God would not forget her. I’m sure others from my work knew this couple personally. They were emotionally attached to these people. To me, they were simply a name on a check.

This afternoon, I had an email from my boss about donations. We had set up a new memorial fund for donations. A man had passed away, and his wife had requested any money be sent to our retreat as a donation.  So, I went about my day processing donations. I came across that same note. This time, the name was familiar. Within weeks of the woman sending us the note declaring her faith, that she knew a miracle was coming, her dear husband had died.

I wondered if she remember the note she had written and felt disappointed, or even angry at God. She wrote that note with conviction, and within a month, her husband had died. She was anticipating healing and a longer life for him, and instead his life on Earth is over. The man that she married, had children with, and loved is gone. Was God not listening? Why would He abandon this couple, who clearly loved Him, during their greatest time of need? Why would God withhold a miracle from her? He is obviously capable of healing her husband. Why did healing not come? The questions must be endless. I doubt the explanations come easily. In the midst of what so many would see as tragic and unfair, I believe she has peace in knowing that God is still faithful.

This couple may not be able to be together in this life anymore. Healing of whatever medical condition did not happen here, but John isn’t here anymore. During his life, he was pursued by the Creator of the entire universe. From that day on John’s life was never the same. Because of that, John’s life doesn’t end with his time on Earth. As John stands before God today, he is completely healed. He is free from whatever sickness held him back in this world. He has been perfected by the love of our God. Although John isn’t with his wife right now, she will join him one day.

Until that happens, God is still with her. He promised He would never abandon her. Through every painful moment, she is in the palm of His hand. She was a loving and faithful wife, and her marriage was simply one of many blessings from God. Those questions don’t need to plague her. She knows that God has so much more for us. The trouble we experience here is only temporary.

For me, it’s a reminder that every single day is a miracle in itself. It’s a miracle to me that God would love me so much that he would give up Jesus, His only son and allow Him to take my place. I know how many times a day I mess things up. That never-ending list of sin should separate me from God forever. I don’t deserve the good things that have come my way. It doesn’t make sense that God would do this,  but that’s exactly what miracles do. They defy everything we know and turn our world upside down. They remind us that there is a force much greater in this world, and there is a comfort for those who know the source of that force.  So, regardless of circumstance, there is peace for John’s wife. There is peace for all of us. No matter what we face, our God is faithful.

I still believe” is a song by Jeremy Camp. It’s definitely worth a listen. The words talk about how we are able to still believe in God in spite of any situation we face.


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