The Break Up

This is a post I rescued from my old blog. It was written around 2011.

“No matter the letter, we’re all Greek together.”

We as Fraternal organizations have the “we’re all in this together” understanding: the idea that we need to support one another to survive. I whole-heartedly believe that our fraternity and sorority chapters need to work together for true progress to be made. Without cooperation, our organizations will eventually wither and die.

However, I do believe that there is one thing more important than our expected loyalty to one another, adherance and loyalty to our personal and organizational beliefs. Do we support and encourage those who abuse animals or children? No. Why? Because we believe it is wrong. Do we rally behind those who commit violent crimes such as murder, assault, or rape? No, because we don’t find it morally acceptable.

The cold hard truth is that there are individuals and groups who engage in activities that do not support our values. Why then, should we feel bound to encourage their growth and success? Would we expect a person in an abusive relationship to feel bound to their partner or would we find their leaving justified?

I proudly come from an organization that values the worth of all people. I was taught that the confidence, esteem, and wellbeing of others is important. Leading or participating in activities that degrade, disrespect, or harm (whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally) another person does not align with my values.

When your idea of “instilling respect” means using racial slurs and yelling profanity in order to establish superiority, I lose faith in the respect you’ve shown me. When your idea of “brotherhood (sisterhood) activities” includes vandalizing the campus we both call home, I doubt the “pride” you’ve shown in serving our community. When your “new member education” is making them do your chores, walk in lines blindfolded, and complete lists of scavenger hunts, I stop having a reason to be loyal to your organization.

When your idea of “leaving a legacy” means passing on the tradition of these degrading and dangerous habits, I question how long your organization will last.

We’ve tried to talk this out, but you refuse to understand. You don’t want to change, and I refuse to be a part of this anymore. So, until you return to the men and women who value character and ethics over these behaviors, we’re breaking up. We want to help you rise above this, but we can’t help you if you don’t want it.We’re through.


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